Final Design Idea For The Still Life Project, It’s A Drawing Of A Stereo In The Style Of Michael Craig Martin, I Have Divided It In To 6 Sides.

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My Oil Pastel Drawing Of Fruit From The Still Life Project, Has An Effective Use Of Colour.
I started the Morandi style drawing by drawing the outline of 3 bottles in front of me.
I then shaded it in using the cross hatching technique.
Then i started the envelope collage.
I did this by cutting out different tones of envelope paper and sticking them on the bottles to create a tonal shade effect in the style of Morandi.
Heinz Beans Painting In The Style Of Andy Warhol’s Soup Can, Edited & Multiplied …

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My Composition Of Line Drawing’s In The Style Of Michael Craig Martin, Created Using Photoshop …
This a drawing of a tool drawn using ink & bleach.
It is in the style of Jim Dine .

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David Hockney Portrait Photomontage, Created Using Photoshop …
My aim was to edit a photo of my face and edit it in a style of another artist 
I decided to edit this photo in the style of David Hockney.
To do this I had to take hundreds of section of the original photo and add it together to create my face again, but this time in a complete different style.
I wanted to make this more abstract so i added an extra eye and adde patches of colour in different areas. 
My Portrait Edit Using Letters In The Style Of David Carson Using Illustrator …

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Here i have created a photo joiner in the style of David Hockney.
I originally created one using photoshop but I didn’t like it, so i created one made by hand.
To do this i had to take 9 photos of me doing a trick on a skateboard, each photo in different stages of the trick.
To make the photo joiner look like it’s in the style of David Hockney I had to cut up little pieces of all the photos and stick them together to create the tiling effect. 
After I had done this i was really happy with the final result.
It was unique, out of proportion and delicate.
After experimenting with the collage tiling effect i am planning to do my final piece for this project in this style.